Movies are more than entertainment—films can be a meaningful way for viewers to hear new stories, connect with their emotions, enjoy a good laugh or even learn something new. And if you’re going through something new or unfamiliar and need some support, watching a movie that covers a similar subject matter can help make you feel less alone (and more understood).


While some adults might look forward to retirement, this stage of life comes with changes and uncertainty that only some are ready to experience. Watching movies that explore aging themes can bring more profound understanding and peace—or simply some much-needed fun—as you transition into this new stage of life. 


If you’re ready to begin your own movie marathon, consider starting from the list below of our five favorite movies about aging:

1. Amour

“Amour” is a deep and meaningful portrayal of the daily lives of a couple over the age of 80. When one of them experiences a stroke, they must find their new normal and rebalance their lives. Director Michael Haneke received praise for the honest emotions and performances he achieved in this film, which aims to paint an authentic picture of what it means to age and face health issues. Remember that “Amour” can be an insightful yet intense watch.

2. Up

You may not have expected to see a children’s movie on this list, but the plot of Disney’s “Up” is greatly informed by the love and loss of one man’s lifelong experiences.  The movie’s famous opening sequence shows the main character’s life filled with happiness and adventure with his wife. It also takes care to depict the effects of her passing. 


This sequence ultimately creates a bittersweet picture of growing old alongside the one you love. Though the beginning is a bit of a tear-jerker, you’ll find the rest of the movie a fun and heartwarming romp.

3. Going in Style

This 1979 film expertly weaves comedy and drama into a fascinating premise. Three older men who long for adventure decide to rob a bank, and the heist goes just about as well as you think it might. 


Though “Going In Style” has plenty of zany and hilarious moments, it doesn’t hesitate to address the complex feelings that these characters experience around getting older. This approach allows the film to paint a complete picture of all the beautiful and challenging moments that come with your golden years.

4. The Irishman

“The Irishman” is one of the most hard-hitting movies about aging released in recent years. The 2019 Martin Scorsese film stars Robert De Niro as the familiar criminal that often takes center stage in Scorsese films. However, this protagonist is finally facing the consequences of his life on the run. 


While “The Irishman” still features much of the action that Scorsese’s films tend to center, it also includes plenty of somber reflection and deep emotion around aging. This film may also be incredibly relatable for older individuals who have watched Robert De Niro starring in films in years previous. 

5. The First Wives Club

If you’re looking for a movie about aging that is heartwarming, meaningful, and laugh-out-loud funny, “The First Wives Club” is where you should start. This film is about three women who band together to get revenge on their ex-husbands who left them for younger women.


While the three best friends may not be at retirement age, they each come to understand how life, relationships, and expectations can change as you age. This comedy may have heavy moments, but its overall message is one of optimism, self-love, and the importance of friendship.

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