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Learn the Benefits of Assisted Living

An assisted living resident still enjoys their freedom but might need hands-on assistance with daily tasks like chores, cooking, cleaning, bathing or medication management.

While assisted living may seem like a total loss of independence, that’s truly a myth. Residents can still manage their day and decide how they’d like to spend their time but also have access to help, when needed.

Our residents choose their schedules, how and what they eat and which activities and outings to take part in. Our communities also offer socialization opportunities with fellow residents to build relationships and engage with the Vineyard community.

Assisted living provides these fun and enriching experiences but also gives added support of not having to shop for and prepare three meals per day. For example, residents no longer have to worry about the maintenance and to-do list that comes with owning a home. They can enjoy retirement and this new season of life.

Most importantly, Vineyard Senior Communities have on-site staff 24 hours a day to respond to you or your family member’s concerns or needs.

Care. Connection. Community.

At Vineyard Senior Living, our focus on Care, Connection and Community unifies our offerings and provides a unique and personalized experience for each resident. For Assisted Living, this includes:

  • Expertise with specific focus on dignity, hospitality, and respect
  • Personalized programming and activities from cooking and resident-run clubs to sightseeing and shopping
  • Life, Your Way Lifestyle Assessments for us to learn your personal passions and preferences in order to maximize individual purpose and social function
  • Individualized Care Assessments conducted regularly to ensure optimal health and medical support
  • Fresh, better-for-you ingredients and chef-prepared meals that are just as delicious as they are nutritious, available all day
  • A variety of bright and spacious amenities and floor plans to choose from, thoughtfully designed for safety and style
  • Onsite, caring staff, 24/7
  • Scheduling and follow-up with physician appointments and coordination of ancillary care services
  • Amenities designed for personal and private enjoyment
  • Utilities: Electricity, digital cable, WiFi, water, trash removal
  • Relocation support for out-of-town residents

Assisted Living FAQs

Assisted living costs can vary depending on the community itself. Something to keep in mind when you assess total cost is that this number encompasses several expenses and added benefits. For example, this cost would take over for at-home expenses such as rent/mortgage, food and groceries, maintenance fees and labor, laundry, entertainment, housekeeping and more.

Contact your nearest Vineyard Community to learn more.

Medicare can cover doctor visits, hospital and skilled nursing care, specialist referrals, surgeries and equipment, medical tests, and in some cases, prescriptions, but it will not cover the residential costs of assisted living.    

Learn more about long-term care planning

Assisted living caters to individuals who are fairly independent but need regular help with activities such as bathing, medication management, dressing or making meals. Residents in nursing homes require around-the-clock care from medical professionals. 

Learn more about common assisted living myths.

Assisted living communities provide residents a full-functional apartment with a private bedroom and bathroom. The community offers shared spaces and amenities, dining services, robust activity calendars and more. Care staff also helps with activities such as dressing, bathing, medication management and other needs.

Learn more about the benefits of senior assisted living.


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