Our parent company, Valeo Americas Senior, recruits experts in their industry and onboards each tribe member with a rigorous training and leadership program. All Valeo companies strive to grow community by living according to our core values; Work Hard, Have Fun, Help Others. You’ll see that shine through in everything we do in our Vineyard Communities. We:

  • Work Hard to provide a cutting edge senior living community with knowledgeable and attentive staff.
  • Have Fun with our unique programming and dynamic activity calendar, ensuring your loved one is active and engaged.
  • Help Others live life their way while getting access to the care and assistance they need.

Our model of Life, Your Way allows residents to be as independent as they’d like with the added security of an expert-level staff overseeing their care. We take that responsibility seriously. Our thoughtful approach to care, community, activities and even dining, is all aimed at giving you or your loved ones a happier and healthier life. Learn More.

Research shows that senior living communities promote healthy aging through structured social time, access to health and wellness classes, continuing education courses, volunteer opportunities, healthful meals without the stress of prep and cleanup, access to transportation and reduced risk for falls and other major health issues with apartments designed for seniors.

Assisted living is a senior living community that offers long-term care for older adults who need additional support. Assisted living communities provide housing, personal care and services, activities and on-site healthcare while still promoting maximum independence.

Memory Care is a senior living community that offers an environment specializing in cognitive impairment conditions including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other related Dementias. Memory Care communities provide a safe environment and specialized life enrichment to engage all levels of declining cognition with the supervision of a specialized team.

Assisted living residents are typically seniors who could benefit from help with common household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. In addition, help with activities of daily living including dressing, bathing, toileting, etc. Our staff can help guide you with recommendations for you or your loved one, given current lifestyle, health and needs. The move-in process and development of a care plan includes an evaluation by our nurse, input from you or your loved one’s current PCP and input from you as a family.

Memory care residents are those with memory or cognitive-related conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We do not have an age requirement for memory care residents.

We can help determine the best care plan for you or your loved one based on individual needs and stage of the condition.

Assisted living caters to older adults who can still live relatively independently but would benefit from help with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, cooking and medication management. Memory care communities cater to those with cognitive conditions by providing a more structured environment, activities and routine to meet the resident’s unique cognitive needs.

At Vineyard, our pricing is customized for the individual care and assistance required by each resident. When you do receive a pricing quote, remember that assisted living encompasses all regular “life” expenses, i.e., rent/mortgage, utilities, meals, activities and more. Contact your nearest community to learn more about pricing options.

Generally, Medicare does not cover expenses associated with the costs of living or long-term care such as assisted living, independent living or memory care communities.

Medicare benefits typically only pay for short-term care, learn more about Medicare coverage here.

Medicaid coverage and eligibility vary state-by-state and depend on individual income and financial background. Medicaid can cover some of the costs associated with assisted living, memory care, independent living or long-term care, but it’s very much a case-by-case basis.

For a broad idea of each state’s coverage, refer to this resource. Please consult your state’s Medicaid office or a licensed professional to discuss potential Medicaid benefits.

Veterans and their spouses may qualify for the Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Pension (A&A Program). For additional information, please contact your nearest community today and we can provide helpful resources.

Yes. All Vineyard communities are inclusive and offer suites designed for couples in all levels of care. Our floor plans are uniquely designed to accommodate everyone and their unique needs.

We have several different floor plans that can accommodate spouses, partners, friends or family to allow them to live together comfortably.

Our monthly base rental rate includes a beautiful apartment, access to all amenities, a transportation schedule for appointments and outings, a calendar of activities, utilities and all meals.
At Vineyard, we understand that you aren’t one-size-fits-all, so our senior living options aren’t one-size-fits-all, either. Our monthly rental rate is flexible, and we can tailor a plan to your needs.

Vineyard communities offer everything from art classes and studios to unique exercise programs. Our proprietary lifestyle program includes activities and events thoughtfully designed so residents can find new interests and pursue an active and engaged life. What each individual community offers depends upon the unique interests of the residents at that location.

To get an idea of our programming and activities, check out:

At Vineyard, we don’t stop at cooking three-course meals – we pride ourselves in creating true culinary experiences that you or your loved one can enjoy all day, every day, together or apart. Whether it’s a taste for the traditional or a craving for creative cuisine, we focus on better-for-you, always-in-season ingredients that are plated with you or your loved one’s personal health, palate and schedule in mind. Sample menu here.

Yes, to best accommodate our residents’ wants and needs, we offer transportation for residents.

No, however, the community works closely with pharmacy providers to make certain that the needs of our residents are met. Preferred pharmacy providers are chosen based upon their ability to provide services to our residents to enhance their health and wellness.

Yes, all communities have an on-site salon where residents can get haircuts and other services such as manicures.

Yes, our communities are equipped with WiFi internet access for both residents and guests. We can also help residents install landlines or secure a mobile phone plan.


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