Johns Creek Community Update

We have an exciting update -- we are NOW OPEN! We have received our assisted living and memory care licensure and have begun to schedule move-ins. Call us today to schedule your personalized tour of our community! To learn [...]

How to Transition Your Parent Into Memory Care

Assisted living and memory care communities are supportive environments that can provide cognitive health services to help seniors enjoy life to the fullest. But deciding when it’s time for a parent or loved one to transition into assisted living can [...]

5 Simple Exercises to Help Improve Your Arthritis

According to the CDC, about 53 million adults in the United States currently have arthritis. While this painful (and even debilitating) illness can impact anyone, almost 50 percent of Americans with diagnosable arthritis are seniors over age 65.  Chronic [...]

How to Navigate Dementia in Your Relationship

According to the CDC, 80 percent of Americans with dementia receive care in their homes from a family member. Helping your loved one—particularly a significant other or spouse—deal with the complexities of their diagnosis can be complicated.   If you’re [...]

6 Ways to Prevent Falls for Seniors

As you age, a lot of focus goes to one attribute: balance. Good balance can help prevent falls and ensure both your safety and personal autonomy. But if a fall does occur, it can lead [...]

6 Apps Every Senior Needs to Download Now

In today's digital age, smartphones aren't just for the young—they're indispensable tools that can improve the lives of seniors, too. And with hundreds of thousands of apps available, there's something for everyone. In fact, there are even apps that [...]

6 Senior Artists You Need to Follow

Age is not a barrier to creativity, and these senior artists prove it by showcasing their exceptional talents. With a wealth of experience and a lifetime dedicated to their craft, these artists, aged 65 and older, continue to captivate [...]

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