What Type of Care is Respite Care, Exactly?

If you’re a caregiver or have a loved one who requires care, you may have heard the term respite care. However, you might be wondering, “What type of care is respite care, exactly?” Respite care is short-term care that provides [...]

5 Reasons to Use Coloring Books for Seniors

An internet search on adult coloring yields an abundance of articles. Many of them are from clinicians and care facilities that treat older adults living with Alzheimer’s or memory loss. The use of coloring books for seniors is relaxing and [...]

Guest Post: Recognizing Depression in Seniors

This is a guest post with resources from our partners Mindful Transitions, LLC and Alliant Quality.  Recognizing signs of depression in older loved ones can be difficulty. Our partners put together these resources to help assess if you or an [...]

The Benefits of Adaptive Clothes for Seniors

One of the main difficulties that older adults and their caregivers face is something many of us don’t give a second thought—getting dressed. An estimated 30 percent of seniors require assistance with dressing. This figure increases to 38 percent if [...]