7 Inspirational Famous Older Women

More and more, women enjoy success later in life, and we’re happy to celebrate this cultural shift! So we’ve rounded up examples of powerhouse older women. These ladies achieved success against the odds. They started or changed careers in midlife, [...]

Embracing Mindfulness and Meditation for Seniors

Mental health has never been more critical for seniors. According to recent research from the US National Library of Medicine, nearly 30 percent of seniors in long-term care facilities exhibit signs of depression, and 10 percent of seniors who live [...]

8 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues for Seniors

For seniors facing this particularly unique season, the winter doldrums may seem inevitable. Although the pandemic is still present, days are shorter and temperatures are cooler, there are still proven ways to combat seasonal melancholy. Whether it’s for you or [...]

6 Top Memory Games for Dementia

Studies show the multiple benefits of cognitive-stimulating activities like memory-related games, both for overall brain health and for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Unfortunately, there are some conflicting reports about the efficacy of memory games for dementia, claiming they can [...]

6 Tips for Better Dementia Communication

If you have a loved one diagnosed with dementia, one of the first troubling symptoms you may notice is a change in communication. Dementia communication shifts can vary from your loved one searching for the correct word to not comprehending [...]

Caring for Aging Parents During the Holiday Season

Caring for aging parents is always a balancing act, especially during the holidays (not to mention with the added challenge of a global pandemic). Eighty-five percent of caregivers surveyed say the holidays are the primary time when their older family [...]

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