Memory care is a type of senior living community that specializes in cognitive impairment conditions. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, or other related dementias, memory care living might be a great option. Overall, memory care communities provide a high quality of life for residents catering to their unique and individual needs. Here are just ten of the many advantages of memory care living.

1. Secure Environment

Memory care living provides a safe and secure environment for your loved one. Thoughtfully designed buildings reduce confusion and prevent wandering. You can be confident that your loved one is safe within their community and living space. Vineyard Henderson even has a masterfully designed courtyard to encourage safe outdoor activities for their residents. 

2. Home-Like Atmosphere

The transition into a new community is a big change and can be challenging for many people. Fortunately, memory care living can feel just like home! Vineyard Henderson offers a variety of spacious floor plans to choose from that can be decorated to the resident’s liking. Even better, they encourage residents to live with a spouse, relative, partner or friend. Vineyard is inclusive of all couples and understands the importance of partnership when making the move into memory care. 

3. Activities and Programs

In their memory care community, your loved one will have access to unlimited activities geared towards their specific memory condition. Personalized programming and activities may include cooking, gardening, or arts and crafts. Trained professionals facilitate activities to cater to your loved one’s unique needs. 

At Vineyard Henderson, we work with world-renowned geriatric and dementia expert, Dr. Evelyn Granieri, who’s actively involved in staff training and program development.

4. 24/7 Supervision

One of the great benefits of memory care living is around-the-clock supervision for your loved one. Expert staff monitor changes in their condition and provide emergency care if needed. Additionally, most memory care rooms have pull cords for emergency response. Vineyard Henderson goes the extra step to understand their residents’ uniqueness and their need for the right type of care. The result is peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and well cared for at all times. 

5. Coordination of Appointments

If your loved one needs care outside of their senior living community, memory care staff can assist. They will work to schedule and follow-up with physicians’ appointments as needed. Additionally, transportation to and from appointments is provided. Staff can also help coordinate ancillary care services, offer transportation to outings on certain days, and even provide personalized transportation.

6. Unique Therapy Options

Most memory care communities provide a range of onsite therapy options like physical, occupational and speech therapies. In addition, new research shows the benefits of unique options like music therapy, art therapy, and aromatherapy. Vineyard Henderson is happy to offer these options for its residents to ease symptoms of restlessness and anxiety. Other therapy benefits include strengthening motor skills, bolstering confidence and improving cognitive function. 

7. Socialization

As adults age, circumstances often push them towards a more isolated lifestyle. However, isolation and loneliness are linked to serious health conditions like dementia and heart failure. Making the move to a memory care community can encourage your loved one to socialize more frequently. From organized activities to daily interactions with staff, residents are able to stay connected to those in their community. Additionally, friends and family can visit often to maintain long-term relationships. 

8. Personalized Meals

Memory care living includes meals catered to your loved one’s tastes and health needs. Vineyard Henderson prides itself on creating authentic culinary experiences catered towards brain health. Meals incorporate superfoods proven to keep the mind sharp and healthy. So whether your loved one is craving a traditional meal or something more creative, we’re here to provide an option with their personal health and palate in mind. 

9. Opportunity for Cultural Diversity

Culturally sensitive memory care matters and Vineyard Henderson is happy to implement it. Memory issues can impact anyone regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender or economic background. Know that your loved one will be welcomed and well cared for at Vineyard Henderson, no matter their background or identity. Even further, all residents benefit from this multicultural experience: the opportunity enhances creativity and other cognitive functions.

10. Daily Assistance While Maintaining Independence

While living in memory care, your loved one will receive assistance with activities of daily living like medication management, dressing, bathing, ambulation and grooming. Many care communities, including Vineyard Henderson, also offer routine housekeeping and laundry services. Your loved one will receive the help they need while still maintaining their overall independence. Vineyard staff aims to help residents as needed but encourage them to do what they are able in order to maintain their overall quality of life. 

Memory Care Living is Full of Extraordinary Benefits

Making the move to a memory care community is a big step. However, if your loved one has a memory condition, they’ll benefit from the services offered. Contact us today to learn more about memory care, and our available locations.