Every year, around ten million people are diagnosed with dementia. As the population continues to age, the need for culturally sensitive dementia care increases as well. It’s not enough to simply provide memory care that offers one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it’s necessary to celebrate the diversity in the older population to ensure the best possible dementia treatments.
We’ve gathered some of the most compelling reasons that culturally sensitive dementia care matters—and why we must implement it now. 

Dementia Can Affect Anyone

Memory issues aren’t selective in who they impact. Dementia can affect those of any race, religion, orientation, gender, or economic background. Therefore, it’s essential that memory care communities treat those from every demographic. Treatment should never be tailored to only one group of people. Instead, high quality of life should be the goal for every resident of a memory care community. Everyone deserves the chance to be as healthy, comfortable, and cared-for as possible.

Spirituality May Help Those With Dementia

Spirituality may even help slow cognitive decline, according to recent research. For every spiritual dementia patient to take advantage of this benefit, memory care communities must allow all faiths to practice. At Vineyard Henderson, we make this a priority. Residents have access to transportation for the church, temple, or any place of worship they prefer. For those who practice, holding on to their faith can also help maintain a sense of peace and hope. We’re proud to help everyone seek that comfort where they find it most.

Diversity is Better for Everyone

It’s not only those in more marginalized or dismissed groups that benefit from a diverse community. No matter what your background or identity is, diversity can improve your life—or even your brain’s functioning. Having multicultural experiences can enhance certain cognitive functions, making diverse memory care communities beneficial for all residents. This is proof that culturally sensitive dementia care is vital for everyone, no matter who they are.

Traditions and Celebrations Offer Residents Joy

Many who experience memory issues still find happiness in holiday celebrations and cherished traditions. It’s why here at Vineyard Henderson, we make it a point to celebrate all cultural events, like Chinese New Year or Shabbat dinner. Dealing with dementia or other cognitive issues can be a frightening, unsettling experience. Embracing familiar traditions can help ground dementia patients, or even help them relive happy times, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Culturally sensitive dementia care makes sure that those of all cultures, backgrounds, and religions can celebrate and find joy.

It’s Simply the Right Thing to Do

Data, statistics, and studies are all well and good, but there’s an even more important reason to embrace cultural diversity. Simply put: it’s what we should do. Every person, no matter their race, culture, orientation, or beliefs, deserves to be treated with dignity. We promise to do everything possible to help make sure all individuals experience the best dementia care offered. Not only is it demonstrably better for all memory care community residents, but it’s also the morally right option.

Culturally Sensitive Dementia Care Must Become a Priority 

Since people of all races and cultures experience dementia, diverse memory care must be seen as vitally important. The benefits are clear and numerous, from improving cognitive function to helping patients retain a sense of optimism. 

At Vineyard Henderson, we are deeply committed to culturally sensitive dementia care. Anyone who experiences memory issues deserves respect, acceptance, and celebration. We pledge to give everyone precisely that.