Welcome to Vineyard

Aging is inevitable. Vineyard Senior communities are built around the idea that the only thing more important than adding years to your life is adding life to your years.

From personalized care and experience-enriched amenities to a lifestyle model that marries quality of life with this new stage of life, our services will continue to change as your needs do.

We chose the name Vineyard to represent not the wine but the vine from which it grows; the older the vine, the better the wine. We celebrate and cultivate seasonality to continually yield the most fruitful outcomes. Much like the characterization of our name, we offer deep-rooted values within a fresh context of living better and longer, together.

Our Mission

At Vineyard, our mission is simple: to grow purposeful communities that make a positive impact on people and our planet. What does that mean for you? A continuum of customized care, programming, and amenities that aim to engage, inspire and elevate your life at every stage.

Whether that means spending your time out and about or connecting with a close few, we focus on growing alongside one another and cultivating a community that celebrates your best life.

Our Founder’s Story

Valeo Senior started out as a vision from Ted Rollins, after his mom had a sub par experience during a short stay in an assisted living home he helped locate for her in 2010.

When you find that the most highly recommended place for mom is not what you’d want for your parent, you decide to take action. My action, of course, was not to move my mom to another home but to disrupt the status quo of what is acceptable for senior housing and elevate each resident’s experience.

Ted W. Rollins
Founding Partner and Chairman

Vineyard Life


Represents our commitment to exceptional health and wellness for all residents via our expert staff, amenities and services.


Encompasses all the ways we provide meaningful interactions for residents and their family from socialization to robust activities to in-room technology.


Includes all the unique features that set Vineyard apart, starting with a Life, Your Way lifestyle assessment that allows each resident to choose their desired programming, daily schedule and dining options.


Let us join your next step on this journey. Contact us today!

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