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Senior Communities for Couples: How Does It Work?

We often think of memory care and assisted living for seniors in the context of the individual, but what does this look like for couples who want to leverage these resources together? As we celebrate Social Wellness Month, we’re honing [...]

Aging in Place: Pros and Cons

The aging process can be full of happiness, joy, and enjoyable new experiences. However, it’s also a process that can involve many complex changes and new challenges—such as memory issues, like dementia.  […]

10 Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors

Though the risk of heart disease may increase with age, it doesn’t mean that seniors need to slow down: by making a few simple and consistent lifestyle changes, you can improve your heart health and lessen the chance for future [...]

How to Navigate Online Dating for Seniors

Everyone deserves love and companionship in their lives— and seniors are no exception. But meeting potential partners as an older person can be particularly tricky. Thankfully, online dating for seniors is a great way to make connections, start relationships, and [...]

10 Ways Mindfulness Helps With Anxiety and Dementia

The practices of mindfulness and meditation are widely utilized by many individuals seeking to reduce symptoms of anxiety in their daily routines. For those diagnosed with dementia and their network of caregivers, this same practice can have many positive benefits. [...]

Recognizing the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

The early signs of Alzheimer’s are often very subtle, which makes them difficult to spot. They may even be mistaken for regular aging, especially because many common effects of getting older (like slight forgetfulness) are similar to Alzheimer’s symptoms.  [...]

8 Ways for Seniors to Get Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep can dramatically affect our mental and physical health. For seniors, it can be difficult to get a full eight hours rest amid prescriptions, medical conditions, or even new environments. In the pursuit of senior health and [...]

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