4 Tips to Improve Mental Health for Seniors

Mental health for seniors can often be neglected. Life gets in the way with children and grandchildren, retiring, downsizing or an increased focus on physical health. As we age, we know it’s more important than ever to take care of [...]

4 Immune-Boosting Foods + Recipes to Use Them In

With COVID-19 still surging throughout much of the world, it’s vital now more than ever to focus on healthy, immune-boosting foods. While a healthy diet won’t promise protection from COVID-19, having a strong, healthy immune system can help people recover [...]

Understanding Caregiver Responsibilities

If you’ve recently become a caregiver for an aging parent or spouse, it’s important to research and prepare for the new duties of this valuable role. Caregiving responsibilities are often both deeply rewarding and incredibly demanding and may present unexpected [...]

What Is Art Therapy, and How Does It Help with Dementia?

For those with dementia, finding alternative methods of expression and connection are important in overcoming any potential verbal communication challenges. Art therapy is an inclusive and creative strategy that provides outlets to share one’s emotions, experiences and needs. [...]

Why Self-Care for Caregivers is a Necessity

When providing care for a loved one, you must first take care of your own physical and mental health. Your capacity to support and address another’s needs is directly correlated to your time spent recharging and renewing yourself. Recent research [...]

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