As the seasons change and you shake off the winter cold, it’s time to revitalize your home with a spring cleaning day. Cleaning can provide many benefits, from physical health to mental clarity. Scheduling some time to refresh your space here at Vineyard Senior Living will make you feel even more ready to embrace the summer months ahead. 

Check Off These Spring Cleaning Day Activities

A spring cleaning day at Vineyard Senior Living might differ in some ways from deep cleaning the house you used to live in. However, many activities still belong on your current spring cleaning checklist. Here are six specific tasks to focus on. 

1. Organize or Remove Clutter

If you have excess items around your home, declutter them to enter this new season with a tidy space. Organize items into four basic categories: 

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate
  • Give to friends or family

It might help to follow the Marie Kondo method—if something doesn’t spark joy (and it’s not a necessity), there’s no reason to hold onto it. Decluttering will free up space to surround yourself with items that do fill your home with enjoyment. 

2. Clean Out Your Kitchen

Every kitchen can use a full scrub down occasionally. Refrigerators, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances often develop bacteria over time. Take time to sanitize your kitchen surfaces and deep clean all appliances—you’ll surely notice a difference.

Your spring cleaning day is also an excellent time to implement new kitchen storage methods to stay more organized in the future. For instance, a Lazy Susan in the fridge can help eliminate the problem of food items being pushed to the back and forgotten about.

3. Dust All Surfaces

Excess dust accumulation can worsen seasonal allergies. Further, a dusty space isn’t inviting to guests. Dust all surfaces in your home, but prioritize your safety as well. If you need to reach a high surface, ask for assistance or have a spotter nearby.    

4. Update Family Photos

As you dust these surfaces and remove any grime build-up on the shelves and mantels, look at the family photos displayed there. Has the family grown since the photos were taken? Could the pictures of your grandchildren use an update? Your family may have taken new photos together over the holiday season. Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to update these photos and show off your loved ones.  

5. Check Expiration Dates

Some household items, from foods or medications in your cabinets to cleaning products under the sink, may have expired since your last deep clean. Check all of these staples and toss anything that’s reached its expiration date. Then, reorganize your cabinets so the oldest items are in front where you’ll use them first.

6. Finish with Flowers

Now that you’ve refreshed the space in your senior living community, treat yourself to a reward. There’s no better way to finish a spring cleaning day than with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Visit the local market or enlist a family member to pick up a fresh bouquet for you. These bright, colorful flowers will make your home feel more welcoming and relaxing.

Set Aside a Spring Cleaning Day to Refresh Your Lifestyle

Whether you spend this season cleaning your space, basking in the sunshine, or doing both, there’s no shortage of activities here at Vineyard Senior Living. Contact us today to learn more about the vibrant lifestyle you can expect in our community.