5 Summertime Safety Tips for Seniors

The weather is finally warming up, and you’re probably ready to get outside and beat off the winter blues! Unfortunately, warm weather can create risks for people of all ages, and older adults are no exception. In fact, the CDC [...]

Investing for Seniors: 5 Basic Tips to Learn Today

Investing isn’t only for young people; financial opportunities are available for anyone, even the recently retired. For older adults, investing may offer a way to supplement Social Security, a retirement pension, or even build extra income for a future vacation. [...]

Simple Gadgets To Make Your Day Easier

We all need extra help sometimes! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but it’s an opportunity to explore new tools or tech. There are a lot of products available to seniors that can make your day-to-day life more manageable. [...]

7 Important Skin Care Tips for Seniors

It’s a simple fact: skincare is for everyone! A thorough morning or nighttime care routine isn’t just a quick face rejuvenation but an act of self-love. As we age, our skin naturally starts to change—you might have noticed feeling a [...]

For the Kids: How to Adjust as Your Parents Age

When parents age, we experience a whole new side of life as their children. Their plans after retirement involve new hobbies and their living space could transition into a senior community. This phase of life can be full of surprises, [...]

How to Talk About Dementia with Children

As a parent, you are no stranger to difficult conversations. Children are often smarter and more observant than we think, but that doesn’t mean communication is always easy. One of those tough conversations can be explaining the changes in a [...]

7 Fun Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility

If you’re a senior adult with limited mobility—or the caregiver of a loved one in the same position—it’s possible that some previous hobbies have become more difficult to do than before. Physical limitations don’t have to stop an enriching, enjoyable [...]

8 Ways to Empower Seniors Who Still Want to Work

While you may have enough retirement savings to meet your monthly living expenses, there are other reasons to consider going back to work. Some may want a greater sense of purpose while others want to improve their cognitive health by [...]

7 Tips to Prepare for Your Senior Living Move

If you’re preparing to move into a senior living community, you’re probably experiencing a mix of emotions—from excitement to nervousness, it’s all to be expected! There are plenty of resources online and in your own community that can help make [...]

Furry Friends 101: Five Tips for Seniors with Pets

Who wouldn’t love an extra, snuggle-friendly pet in the house? The benefits of having a pet are pretty well-documented for people of all ages—they can significantly improve our overall emotional well-being and even deter the development of depression. They also [...]

Sales Director Christine Cavanaugh Mentioned in Redfin

Don’t miss the recent Redfin article our Sales Director, Christine Cavanaugh was featured in: “Caring for Aging Parents: Helping Your Loved Ones Declutter with Intention” Throughout our lifetime, we accumulate belongings that we may no longer use in our everyday [...]

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