Tech Tips for Seniors: How to Stay Connected

It’s no secret that technology can make our lives a lot easier. The right device can help seniors stay connected to family, send an emergency alarm, schedule a Telehealth exam or even manage day-to-day tasks! However, purchasing and using a [...]

7 Common Scams for Seniors and How to Avoid Them

Seniors aren’t the only targets for scams—whether you’re 26 or 76, there are various malicious ways that people can take your information, identity or money. However, if you feel less comfortable around technology or aren’t aware of what these scams [...]

10 Best Podcasts for Seniors

A podcast can be the perfect background audio for a long drive, doing chores or a regular part of your before-bed routine. If you’re already a fan of audiobooks, then you’ll love the chance to listen in on conversations about [...]

10 Retirement Activities To Try

Now that you’ve finally made it to retirement, you’re probably asking the same big question that’s on everyone’s mind: “what am I supposed to do now?” It’s totally normal to feel a little uncertainty as you adjust to retirement. Different [...]

Guest Post: Recognizing Depression in Seniors

This is a guest post with resources from our partners Mindful Transitions, LLC and Alliant Quality.  Recognizing signs of depression in older loved ones can be difficulty. Our partners put together these resources to help assess if you or an [...]

The Benefits of Adaptive Clothes for Seniors

One of the main difficulties that older adults and their caregivers face is something many of us don’t give a second thought—getting dressed. An estimated 30 percent of seniors require assistance with dressing. This figure increases to 38 percent if [...]

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