As summer rounds the corner, the weather turns sunny, and the pace of life relaxes, it’s the perfect time to plan an adventure. There’s so much to explore in this diverse, beautiful world, but long-distance travel can sometimes be a challenge.

Limited mobility restrictions and the continued health risks of COVID-19 may make a traditional vacation more difficult to coordinate. But this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the enjoyment this season offers; that’s where a staycation comes in.

Living the Staycation Life

Now you might ask: What is a staycation? Fair question—it’s a more accessible, closer-to-home (but just as entertaining) form of travel in which you explore the attractions around where you live. Planning a staycation is much cheaper than a regular vacation since you won’t have to factor in plane tickets or hotel accommodations. 

At Vineyard Senior Living, we love the idea of a staycation. This vacation approach aligns perfectly with our primary core value of helping all of our residents THRIVE through enriching experiences right from their backyard. So with that in mind, here’s how to plan a memorable staycation and have a blast in the easy-breezy summer months ahead:

Be a Local Tourist

You might be surprised how many hidden gems exist near your senior living community. Invite family members—or even some of your fellow residents—to help you discover these local attractions up close and personal. Here are just a few tourist activities close to our Vineyard communities to include on a staycation bucket list:

  • Lion Habitat Ranch: Only a 10-minute drive from our Vineyard location in Henderson, NV, the Lion Habitat Ranch is worth checking out. It’s a unique opportunity to interact with rehabilitated lions and giraffes in a wildlife preserve, learn about African species conservation efforts, and even feed the animals by hand.
  • Red Piano Art Gallery: If you’re a creative at heart, you will love the Red Piano Art Gallery, located 15 minutes from our Bluffton, SC, Vineyard community. This space is South Carolina’s most historic professional fine art gallery, where you can peruse the works of talented sculptors and painters from all over the country. 
  • Autrey Mill Nature Preserve: About 12 minutes away from our Vineyard location in Johns Creek, GA, you’ll find the 46-acre Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. Enjoy scenic walking trails in a hardwood forest, rescued animal exhibits, and a center to preserve the history and culture of Native American tribes in this region.
  • Froberg’s Farm: Seasonal produce is at peak vibrance and freshness this time of year, and Froberg’s Farm is the place to savor it. Located 20 minutes from our Pearland, TX, Vineyard community, this farm and general store has all the summer delights you crave, from pick-your-own berries to 35 flavors of homemade pie.

Invest in Self-Care

What is a staycation without some quintessential rest-and-relaxation? Everyone needs a break from the everyday routines of life to unwind, refresh and luxuriate in a calming self-care ritual. So use this staycation as an excuse to unplug from daily stressors and invest in your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Self-care is not an indulgence. It’s an essential part of a healthy, balanced life! Here at Vineyard Senior Living, we have a plethora of self-care amenities to add to your day. Begin this staycation with a trip to our RENEW Salon & Spa. Then after your soothing spa treatment, head over to the art studio for some creative expression or take in a lighthearted film at our onsite movie theater. This experience will instantly transport you to an relaxing oasis, no airfare required. 

Soak Up Vitamin D

No summer staycation would be complete without soaking in the Great Outdoors. This season is known for its warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine, so take advantage of this enjoyable weather as much as possible. Whether you’re in a seaside town like Bluffton, with its glorious ocean breezes, or a metropolitan area like Pearland, with its temperate and balmy climate, there’s no better time to be outside than in the summer.

Consistent exposure to natural sunlight is also an effective way to absorb Vitamin D, which will provide numerous health benefits as you age. Vitamin D is essential for bone density, immune strength, and even brain function. Whereas deficiencies in this vital nutrient can lead to muscle weakness, osteoporosis, hip fractures, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cognitive decline, and some forms of cancer, the Nature Journal points out. So take a staycation outside—it will do wonders for your health while putting you in a sunny disposition.

Plan Your Perfect Staycation this Summer

No more asking: what is a staycation? It’s time to plan one for yourself this summer! Whether you want to explore local attractions, relax with a self-care treatment or immerse yourself in nature, this is the perfect season to make that staycation dreams a reality. Retirement should be a fun and memorable stage of life, after all!