Assisted living and memory care communities are supportive environments that can provide cognitive health services to help seniors enjoy life to the fullest. But deciding when it’s time for a parent or loved one to transition into assisted living can be more difficult than you’d think. 


Whether or not you have already discussed moving to assisted living with your parents, there are ways to help make the transition easier for the entire family.

Signs Your Loved One Is Ready to Move

Transitioning out of your home is an emotional decision, and it’s not unusual for parents to resist the move to assisted living. They may avoid the conversation altogether or feel strongly that they don’t need day-to-day assistance.


That said, some signs that your loved one is ready for the transition to assisted living include:


  • They need assistance with daily chores like cooking and housekeeping
  • They appear depressed or complain about loneliness
  • Medication and health management have become too much for them to handle
  • They have trouble managing their money 


You may dread discussing a move with your parents, but if they show any of these signs, it’s a sign that the topic needs to come up soon.

4 Tips for a Smoother Transition

Above all else, we should approach memory discussions with patience and love. This process can stir strong emotions in both you and your loved one. Be gentle, and don’t forget that your parent is an adult who—unless they are experiencing advanced dementia—is still in charge of their decision-making. 

1. Focus on the Positive

Instead of pointing out all of your concerns or the downsides of remaining in the family home, focus on the benefits of a move. Life in assisted care brings a new sense of freedom to the golden years. Some of the advantages to living in a memory care community include:


  • No more housekeeping or home maintenance
  • As much or as little help as they need is available 24 hours a day
  • Excellent dining
  • Fun excursions and day trips
  • Meeting new friends
  • Transportation for medical appointments
  • On-site clubs, educational lectures, and entertainment


One of the most important advantages of assisted living is that the level of care will grow with the individual’s needs. Many seniors opt for assisted living because they feel secure knowing they won’t have to find new lodging if their needs change. 

2. Present Your Parent With Options

Once your parents are open to the idea of assisted living, present them with options you have already researched. Visit the communities together and take notes for your parents so that you can compare the options later. Make sure each community meets your parents’ needs for healthcare, socializing, housing style, and amenities

3. Bring Help for the Moving Process

Moving out of a home where you may have lived for many years is emotionally and physically draining (and it’s a process your parent may not be up to). Letting go of sentimental possessions is hard. 


Don’t force your parent to throw out or give away items they are attached to, even if you feel they should. Offer to store the items until they can be disbursed appropriately to family members or sold. Be patient and reinforce the fact that they are in charge.


Of course, when it’s time for the heavy lifting, have plenty of help on hand. It will comfort your parents to see their possessions handled carefully by people equipped to do the job. 

4. Help Them Get Comfortable

Moving to a new community can make anyone feel nervous. Stay with your parents for the first few days. Explore the community with them. Join in activities and go to the dining hall. Introduce yourself and your parents. Stay positive as you help your parents adjust to their new surroundings. 

Final Thoughts on the Move to Assisted Living and Memory Care

Speaking with your parents about assisted living and memory care communities before they are needed is the best way to prepare for the possibility they may need help someday. To learn more about the housing options and amenities at Vineyard Senior Living, contact us today.