Reading is a popular pastime for people of all ages. It can help us escape to fantastical places, learn about a topic we know nothing about, or see the world from a completely different point of view. 


Readers can learn so much from older authors who have lived and learned through life’s experiences. Additionally, as a senior reader, you may connect incredibly with the words of authors from your generation. 


If you’re looking to enhance your retirement, a good book is a perfect way to unwind between activities in your senior community. To supplement your reading list, here are eight must-read books for seniors written by authors over 60:

1. “From Here to There: Inventions That Changed the Way the World Moves” by Vivian Kirkfield

“From Here to There” is a work of nonfiction by Vivian Kirkfield that explores the long and complex history of transportation. From traveling on horseback to the invention of the bike to the first airplane and beyond, Kirkfield explores the many ways we get around alongside eye-catching illustrations by Gilbert Ford. 

2. “Everywhere Blue” by Joanne Rossmassler Fritz

For realistic fiction lovers, “Everywhere Blue” tells the story of a young girl from a musical family whose whole world falls to pieces when her older brother goes missing. Her household, normally filled with song, falls silent, and she has to piece together what she knows of her beloved brother to find him and put her family back together. 

3. “A Hard Place to Leave: Stories from a Restless Life” by Marcia DeSanctis

In “A Hard Place to Leave,” Marcia DeSanctis gives readers an intimate look into the travels of her life, beginning in Moscow in the early ’80s and extending across many regions of the world, including New England, France, Rwanda, Cape Town, and more.  Through DeSanctis’s stories of her travels, she shares the struggles and glories she experienced along the way—and the her discovery on the profound value of just being home. 

4. “Our Gen: A Novel” by Diane McKinney-Whetstone

In “Our Gen,” Diane McKinney-Whetstone chronicles her experiences in a Philadelphia retirement community, where she developed close relationships with two residents with backgrounds different than her own. “Our Gen” is an intimate telling of the power of senior friendships, what it means to grow old, and how growing up lasts a lifetime. 

5. “Wildcat: The Untold Story of Pearl Hart, the Wild West’s Most Notorious Woman Bandit” by John Boessenecker

John Boessenecker’s “Wildcat” is one of the best books for seniors who love history, true crime, and social commentary. Through the factual telling of Pearl Hart’s story and the many myths surrounding it, Boessenecker explores the complex state of womanhood in the late 1800s. 

6. “Blood and Ruins: The Last Imperial War, 1931–1945” by Richard Overy

“Blood and Ruins” is another must-read for history buffs. Richard Overy, a British historian with decades of experience in the field, aims to reframe the narrative around World War II with a more global viewpoint. Overy also challenges readers to learn from history and understand the intrinsic connection between past and present.  

7. “Winter Bride” by Monica McAlpine 

To get inspired by some beautiful poetry, consider picking up “Winter Bride.” This compilation of original poems is the first of its kind from Monica McAlpine, who specialized in medieval literature at the University of Massachusetts Boston for nearly 40 years. 

8. “What Cannot Be Undone: True Stories of a Life in Medicine” by Walter M. Robinson

“What Cannot Be Undone” is a powerful collection of essays written by Walter M. Robinson, a physician with many years in practice. Robinson gives readers a close look into the life of a doctor, the challenges and celebrations of continuously developing medical tech, and the difficult decisions made throughout a physician’s career. 

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