Summer is officially upon us, meaning it’s time for some fun—but it doesn’t always have to be “fun in the sun.” Many assume that hobbies for the summer involve nothing but physical activities out in summer rays, but spending too much time outdoors in the summertime can be strenuous for anyone, especially older adults with limited mobility. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun things for residents of Vineyard communities to do this summer (while keeping cool), including:

1. Birdwatching or Nature Observation

If you want to enjoy nature without the scorching summer heat, you can partake in something simple and beautiful, such as bird-watching. You don’t have to go outside to find a little winged friend; consider watching birds from a large window, porch or covered deck. You can even take your nature observation to the next level by journaling and tracking the animals you spot.

2. Crocheting and Knitting

One of the best hobbies for summer (or any time of year) is knitting, which, along with crocheting, allows you to express your creativity and exercise your fine motor skills. Knitting can also provide a sense of relaxation and calmness. The repetitive and rhythmic motions involved in knitting can help reduce stress, promote mindfulness and give a soothing effect.

3. Playing an Instrument

Musically inclined seniors might enjoy playing an instrument as a hobby for the summer, especially if you’re willing to share your talents with other residents in your Vineyard community! Consider learning a new instrument or picking up a familiar favorite.

4. Movie Reviews

Longtime cinema connoisseurs will enjoy picking up writing movie critiques as one of their hobbies for the summer. You can start watching one or two movies per week, give detailed reviews of each film, and share your favorite moments and potential criticisms with your fellow residents (online or in-person)! Not only does it make for a fun hobby, but it helps improve your critical thinking skills, too.

5. Book Clubs

Bookworms will find a book club to be one of the best hobbies for the summer—and you can do it from anywhere! Why not read a book under a shade tree or in your air-conditioned room? After finishing, get together with other residents or a friend on the phone who read the same book to discuss your thoughts. Not only is it fun, but it’s another excellent way to keep those cognitive skills sharp.

6. Painting Portraits

Many people have excellent artistic abilities, and painting is a beautiful way to spend the summer hours. You can paint portraits of your fellow residents, family members or even the staff members of your Vineyard community. And even better, painting is the perfect way to exercise fine motor skills for adults with limited mobility or joint difficulties.

7. Learning New Languages

It’s never too late to learn a new language, and learning a new phrase or two is an excellent way to spend the summer. It’s a challenging activity that vigorously exercises your critical thinking, memory and recall skills. It may even open up the ability to communicate with others in your life that speak different languages than your native tongue.

8. Indoor Gardening

One of the best things about the summertime is the chance to stroll through a garden, but for older adults with limited mobility, doing so can be difficult. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy a garden

If you need help making it outdoors or doing something as strenuous as planting a garden, you can always start an indoor garden. Using small cups and pots, you can produce individual seeds and keep them around your private room in your Vineyard community.

Enjoying Summer at Vineyard Senior Communities

From indoor gardening to birdwatching, there are so many ways adults with all abilities can enjoy the summertime. At Vineyard Senior Living, we strive to make many of these hobbies possible and accessible throughout the summer. Contact us online or by phone to learn more about our senior communities and the apartment waiting for you!