Did you recently become a caregiver to an older friend or family member? Caregiving is a rewarding experience that benefits both the giver and recipient of care. But as incredible as it may be, caregiving can feel intimidating for those who have never done it. Having someone to talk to and a backlog of helpful resources can make it easier for new caregivers to provide the best care possible.

If you need help figuring out where to start, don’t worry. Our team of experts compiled a list of online resources that you can access with a simple click:

National Institute on Aging

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is an excellent resource for new caregivers. The NIA can provide information on long-term care, planning for aging family members, long-distance caregiving, and care for those with Alzheimer’s. 

The NIA’s website has a comprehensive catalog of articles and blogs to educate new caregivers on how to help their loved ones live their best life. The NIA also offers valuable insight and statistics on conditions that affect older adults and their family members.

Family Caregiver Alliance

The Family Caregiver Alliance is another resource that can provide quality information and support for new caregivers. You can even create a personalized digital dashboard to keep track of information that meets your caregiving needs. This tool can help friends and family members improve their caregiver skills and provide the best care possible to their older loved ones.

MedLine Plus

New caregivers can look to MedLine Plus for basic information on caring for older friends or family members. MedLine Plus offers plenty of informational landing pages on beginning the caregiving journey with your loved one. In addition to these resources, you can find important general medical information throughout the MedLine Plus website. MedLine Plus can also use its network to redirect you to other online resources that support brand-new caregivers.


The Medicare website can connect new caregivers with people they can talk to about expenses, insurance options, and professional medical care for their loved ones. These resources are essential for new caregivers navigating their brand-new responsibilities, especially those involving tricky paperwork.

Administration for Community Living

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) is an organization that can also provide valuable information to new caregivers. Friends and family members who are newly caregiving for an older adult can look to the ACL for data and statistics on issues affecting baby boomers. They can also find connections to local groups and organizations that can provide support for caregivers. 


Have you recently become a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s disease is common among older adults, especially those over 65. When you become a provider for someone with Alzheimer’s, you may have to learn more specific skills to address your loved one’s unique memory needs.

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or another type of cognitive decline, you can find important information through Alzheimer’s.gov. This website can connect you with local groups and organizations that work specifically with older adults who need memory care. You can also find guides on how to care specifically for loved ones with cognitive disabilities.

Caregiver Resources at Vineyard Senior Living

For those seeking more information on caregiving for older adults,  Vineyard Senior Living is here to help. We provide resources for new caregivers who need assistance with caregiving. Our skilled staff members can answer any questions you may have throughout this unique experience.

The Vineyard Senior Living team can also inform you about various living options to help your loved one maintain a healthy, fulfilling routine. We offer independent and assisted living options and memory and respite care services to enable older adults to make the most of their golden years. 

Contact us today to learn more about available caregiving resources and senior living options.