This February, the Vineyard Johns Creek Tribe is focused on loving where we live. For us, this means three things:

  • Appreciating the fantastic Johns Creek community and experiencing everything the city has to offer. 
  • Showcasing the beautiful community we’re building for Johns Creek’s seniors. 
  • Finding joy in every season and that’s what we strive to bring to our future residents. 

Love Where You Live

In a month that’s all about love, we’re here to show you all the things we love about our community. From highlighting Johns Creek as a cultural hub to showing all the ways our Vineyard community will serve our seniors, we’re here to show why we LOVE where we live. 

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Feb 4 – Alzheimer’s Music Festival

Music Festival Infographic

Give back AND have fun at the Alzheimer’s Music Fest this Friday, Feb 4!

Hosted by the Dementia Spotlight Foundation, the benefit concert will feature legendary Georgia bands — Cracker, Arrested Development, and Drivin N Cryin.

This year’s festival is being held at Buckhead Theater. Join us for a fun-filled evening and rock out for a great cause raising much-needed funds for families living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

Our Johns Creek Tribe is thrilled to sponsor such a great event – if you see us this Friday, be sure to say hello! Last tickets available here – book now, don’t miss out.

Feb 9 & 26 – Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be overwhelming. As a caregiver, it’s vital to prioritize support from people who are in your shoes.

Our Sales Director Christine is passionate about creating communities for caregivers. She hosts two virtual support groups each month, and would love for you to attend so she can get to know your stories! This month’s meetings are:

➡️ Wed, Feb 9, Roswell United Methodist Church Support Group 

➡️ Sat, Feb 26, Alzheimer’s Association North Fulton Support Group

Email for more info!

January Happenings

National Home Safety Week

Many seniors want to stay in their homes as they age but how can you keep your loved one safe at home? 

For National Home Safety Week, we spoke with occupational therapists, medical professionals and shared our own experiences as caregivers.

Below our Sales Director, Christine, explained the week’s theme and shared her best tips for home safety. Check out our social media pages to see more!

Resident Spotlight: Dianne

Resident Spotlight

To round out celebrations this January, we introduced you to one of our future residents, Dianne. 

At Vineyard Johns Creek, we celebrate every season of our residents’ lives. Dianne kindly agreed to share the answers to her ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire. Take a look, and get to know Dianne along with us.

  1. What 3 people, famous, living or dead, would you want at your fantasy dinner party? 

I would invite Queen Elizabeth II, my former neighbor and teacher Jennie Mose, and my great grandparents, Francis and Thomas Davies.

  1. Who is the person who influenced your life the most?

My father. He was brave, honest, hardworking and compassionate – traits that he wanted to instill in me.

  1. Were there any key events or experiences that changed the course of your life or set you on a different path?

I lived through World War II as a child, and the Vietnam War as a military spouse. Active duty in the Navy completely changed our lifestyle and meant moving around the U.S. and overseas. Military life brought wonderful times as well as difficult times for my husband and three children. It also gave me opportunities – after years of volunteering at the Pensacola Lighthouse, I eventually founded the Pensacola Lighthouse Association. 

  1. What goals or dreams do you still have that you have always wanted to do but have not had the opportunity?

There are still places in the U. S. and world I would love to visit, but will have to be content with seeing pictures and reading about them. I would love to visit Alaska, Germany, Scotland, Denmark, mainland Japan and Wales.

Thank you so much for sharing, Dianne. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Johns Creek community!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This winter, you and your loved ones may be considering whether or not it’s time to move on to a different season. We’ve put together a handy guide to researching options for senior living. This blog breaks down everything – the whens, whys, and hows that can be so difficult to navigate. 

We want you to know that you’re not alone. No matter where you are on your senior living journey (for you or your loved one), our Sales Director Christine would love to speak with you. Stop by our Information Center for a cup of coffee and a compassionate chat. 

From our Tribe to yours, we wish you a wonderful February.