We all need extra help sometimes! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but it’s an opportunity to explore new tools or tech. There are a lot of products available to seniors that can make your day-to-day life more manageable.

Whether you need help with cooking or creating a safer apartment space, here are some simple gadgets to consider for your shopping list:

For Bathroom Safety

Using the restroom and bathing can sometimes be tricky as we age. From bending over or sitting down to the possibility of slips and falls, your bathroom should have all the equipment to keep you safe. Start with a sticky, anti-slip mat for your bath or shower. Try a shower chair or stool if you’re more comfortable off your feet. Easy-to-install grab bars can also assist with getting in and out of the shower or tub, while toilet safety rails can help when using the restroom. Finally, consider purchasing a motion-activated light for your toilet to help you navigate to the bathroom during the night. Many lights offer multi-hue options that can adjust to your favorite colorful mood as a bonus feature.

For Dressing Aids

Perhaps chronic pain or arthritis has made dressing a daily challenge. Bending to put on shoes and socks doesn’t have to be impossible! Consider purchasing a stocking donner to help with socks or a shoehorn to enable slide-on shoes. Some footwear slips on easily but still provides adequate support (like these Kiziks). Consider purchasing a zipper pull or button hook if you find zippers or buttons difficult. Or, you might try adaptive clothing that can make dressing even more accessible. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function!

For Kitchen Assistance

Keeping yourself well-nourished is key to good health! If you like spending time in the kitchen, several gadgets can help you with the small tasks. For example, a jar opener (like this one) or electric can opener can assist when a pesky container doesn’t open. Or, an electric kettle with an automatic shut-off can help you prepare hot foods or beverages while keeping you safe. No matter how you cook, make sure that your space stays organized and accessible to ensure you have the safety to do what you do best.

For Mobility Support

If you’re looking for extra support as you move throughout the day, consider purchasing a cane with a built-in seat or a rollator (a walker with a built-in seat). Both products will help you get from point A to point B safely and provide a place to rest when you get there! Perhaps you prefer to stay seated but need something that’s just out of arm’s reach. Consider purchasing a grabber or reacher to help you get what you need (without leaving the comfort of your chair). 

For Tech Support

Whether you’re keeping in touch with loved ones or re-watching a favorite show, technology helps us stay connected. For the tech-savvy seniors, there are several gadgets out there to keep on your radar:

  • Remote controls provide simple, large print buttons for easy navigation
  • Tile stickers on commonly used household items (i.e., remotes, wallets, or keys) can help you find them when they go missing
  • Voice-enabled devices like an Amazon Echo provide simple information (like the weather) or play music (try, “Hey Alexa, play 70’s rock music!)
  • Camera doorbells keep you safe at home and notify you when a visitor arrives

Find the Most Helpful Gadgets for Seniors

No matter what the day has in store, plenty of simple and affordable products can help make it better! Rest assured that your living space at Vineyard will accommodate all your gadget needs (if your living space doesn’t already come equipped with them!). We will keep you safe and let you focus on doing what you do best: living an extraordinary life!