There are many reasons to love October. From breezy temperatures and colorful leaves to cozy sweaters and warm spiced beverages, this month is the perfect time to start ushering in some holiday vibes. That, of course, begins with Halloween. 

Halloween Crafts for Seniors

This season is quite a crowd pleaser here in the U.S., considering one in four Americans ranks it among their favorite holidays. It’s not just for the younger folks either—51 percent of adults over 65 enjoy Halloween. So, with fall (and its festivities) right around the corner, here are five Halloween crafts for seniors to get into the “spooktacular” spirit!

No-Carve Pumpkin

Forget what you know about ordinary jack-o-lanterns—these nontraditional versions call for zero carving, which makes them easy and safe for anyone with fine motor issues. Decorate your pumpkin with lace, glitter, ribbons, pressed leaves or flowers, pinecones, acorns, feathers, and more.

Ghost Door Wreath

This festive DIY wreath will surely welcome visitors with a ghoulish “BOO!” as they walk through your front door—plus, it’s simple to make. You’ll just need a wire wreath frame, black or silver tinsel, scissors, hot glue, a printable ghost stencil, white cardstock (to create the ghost), and a black sharpie (to give him personality). Then, wrap tinsel around the wire, glue on your cut-out ghost, and it’s ready to hang! Note: If a caregiver or family member does this project with you, it might be best for them to handle the scissors and glue.  

Halloween Slime

Tactile craft projects are soothing for those with dementia. So why not throw a fun, seasonal twist on this therapeutic intervention? Enter: DIY slime. This Halloween craft for seniors comes with three non-toxic ingredients: liquid starch, liquid watercolor paint (choose neon green for an oozy vibe), and Elmer’s glue. Simply mix the starch, paint, and glue until it forms a dense, elastic consistency. This slime couldn’t be easier to create for a hands-on, sensory experience.   

Witchy Pinecone Owl

This Halloween craft for seniors combines two beloved seasonal icons—the witch and the owl—into one quirky, adorable creation. Next time you stroll outside with a caregiver, loved one, or even on your own, collect a large pinecone to transform into an owl. Then, use yellow, orange, and black craft foam to cut out two eyes, a nose, and a witch’s hat to glue on the pinecone. Now all that’s left is to find your owl a roost to perch on. As an autumn centerpiece, he would be home on a countertop or the kitchen table. 

No-Sew Witch’s Hat

While we’re on the subject of witches, turn yourself into one this Halloween! No need for magic spells here—just a yard of stiff black felt, hot glue (remember to ask for help using this if necessary), measuring tape, a printable witch’s hat pattern for both the cone and brim, white chalk to trace the pattern, and a few sparkly accents to make the final product your own.

Celebrate October with these Halloween Crafts for Seniors

Fall hard for Halloween this year (we couldn’t resist the pun!) with these fun and easy crafts that scream festive. Whether you do them on your own, with a family member, or even with a friend in the activities room here at Vineyard Senior Living, you’re sure to have a blast. This season is fun for all ages, so embrace the Halloween spirit!