The official start to Summer is approaching and we are gearing up for the warm weather.

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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month 

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Did you know new research suggests deep sleep may be the best defense against Alzheimer’s?

Shakespeare said slumber was ‘the main course in life’s feast.’  Studies suggest it also protects the brain.

See what Medical News Today has to share.

Understanding Solo Aging

Aging is inevitable. Did you know twelve million adults over age 65 live alone? That is 27% of the population–the highest rate in the world. The majority are women. By age 75, the rate of women living alone rises to 44%.

Solo Aging refers to the experience of aging without the traditional support system of a spouse, partner, or children.

Here are a few tips to help navigate Solo Aging with confidence!

Chef Aldin’s Father’s Day Meal

In celebration of Fathers everywhere, our very own Chef Aldin has whipped up this delicious dish featuring steak & lobster with watermelon feta salad.

We can’t wait to share Father’s Day with our residents next year. If interested in learning more about our chef or dining options for your loved one, contact us today!! 



Last month Vineyard Johns Creek recognized Mental Health Awareness Month through its partnership with organizations like @Pathways2Life who provide support and resources to those struggling with mental health challenges. 

We encourage everyone to prioritize their mental health and seek support when they need it. At Vineyard Johns Creek, we want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health and understand that it’s okay to not be okay.

We can all play a role in supporting those who are struggling by being a listening ear, offering encouragement, and advocating for mental health resources in our communities.

Secret Garden Tour

Last month, our tribe members participated in the Secret Gardens Tour in support of the Johns Creek Beautification project! 

We had so much fun visiting the beautiful gardens in our community and we can’t wait to put the finishing touches on our very own garden at Vineyard Johns Creek. 🌱☀️🪷

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