Happy March! This month, we are busy preparing our community for future residents. Keep reading our newsletter to learn more about our new tribe members, community partnerships, a fun St. Patrick’s Day recipe and a look back at our recent vintage club dinner.

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Vineyard Tribe Additions

Sandra Chrisp– Resident Care Coordinator

Sandra has 20+ years experience in HealthCare Management. Her career has focused on being compassionate while caring for seniors and their families. Sandra’s passion for older adults was influenced by her grandmother who developed complications with chronic diabetes. 

Taking care of her grandmother instilled a desire to learn and advance in this field. Caring for our older generations is a blessing and Sandra does it with such kindness and grace.

Shaquilla Virece– Memory Care Director

Shaquilla moved to Georgia with her husband from Texas in 2021. With over 12 years in the healthcare field, working in different clinical areas Shaquilla found her passion working with the elderly. Building strong relationships with families, residents and staff of the community is very important.  

Her gift of caring for people came as a young girl and was fostered by her grandparents. Shaquilla believes in enjoying and promoting  life. She also believes that a smile can make the world a better place! She has 2 children that still live back in Texas and her dog, a lilac pitbull.

Guinness Mac & Cheese

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, Chef Aldin whipped up Guinness Mac and Cheese for our tribe members to enjoy.

We definitely think that this one passed the taste test.😋 Make sure to check back to see what other recipes our Chef has up his sleeve!

Community Highlight – Cips Coffee Roasters 

Vineyard Johns Creek is so excited to be partnering with Cips Coffee Roasters! Our tribe headed over to their brand new cafe in Suwanee to do a taste test, and they did not disappoint! 

Our community will have its own coffee machine, and we can’t wait to bring a special blend to Vineyard Johns Creek.

Community Partner – Powerback Rehab

We are thrilled to introduce Colleen Bowers, from Powerback Rehab!

Vineyard Johns Creek will be partnering with Powerback to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy onsite at our community.

Colleen has 37 years of experience of assessing and treating adults with a large variety of medical conditions within multiple settings.

She quickly developed a passion working with neurological and movement disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Her most recent passion is in the clinical assessment and treatment of adults living with Dementia or Alzheimers, using therapeutic approaches to slow progression of the disease by preserving motor pathways for daily living skills through meaningful and purposeful activities.

Colleen has demonstrated positive patient outcomes with extensive Occupational Therapy intervention in the Assisted and Memory Care settings. She believes that every adult has potential to engage their bodies and brain in activities they enjoy.

Colleen works with Powerback Rehab as the Director of Rehab. She hopes to bring daily joy to each resident and family and feels grateful to serve at Vineyard Johns Creek!

Vintage Club – Sugo Dinner 

We hosted a Vintage Club dinner at Sugo Restaurant! Our team got the chance to meet and socialize while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Our team is working hard to get our community ready for residents. For more information about living at Vineyard Johns Creek or our Vintage Club, give us a call. 

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