Moms are the rocks of many households. The support and love that mothers give to their families and loved ones should be celebrated every day but particularly on Mother’s Day. 

In the senior living space, Mother’s Day is always a unique and meaningful holiday. Especially as you get older, and perhaps start a family of your own—more and more, you understand the strength and sacrifice that comes with being a mom. To recognize all the amazing mothers out there as well as spread a little joy, we asked our tribe to share a favorite memory about their mom or being a mom.

Hopefully, our stories make you smile and remember while every mom is different, they’re all superheroes in their own way.   

Mom and Daughter Allies in a House of Boys

Many of the memories of my mom are not “special” per se, but rather moments of togetherness that built our strong relationship. When storms came in both of our lives, those moments provided a solid foundation of trust, so that we knew we always had someone in our corner for support. 

My mom raised three rowdy boys and one princess who only wanted to wear dresses. We are both thankful as the two surviving females of a testosterone-driven household. We learned to fight for the TV remote so we could watch a romantic Hallmark-esque movie instead of a football game. Those small victories were celebrated with popcorn and M&Ms while we cuddled under a blanket on cold Indiana evenings. 

It’s the little things that add up to a relationship of moments together that create a mother-daughter bond.

-Kaylynn Evans, Executive Director 

A Mom’s Strong and Steady Presence 

My mom has always been someone that I can rely on and know will be there. I remember as a kid coming home from school every day and sitting with her for a few minutes to talk about the day. No matter if it was a good day, bad day, or something in between, she would be there to talk through it, and she still is. I am blessed.

-Lindsay H. Edwards, Sales Director

A Mother’s Day Surprise Visit 

As a mom, I’ve had many great Mother’s Days. One of my favorites occurred in 2003. My son was living in New Orleans, and I hadn’t seen him in a while. I hadn’t expected to see him until that upcoming summer. Out of the blue, my 3-year-old granddaughter ran into the house very excited, saying that someone had a surprise for me. Then the doorbell rang, and standing in the doorway was my son! We were all excited to see him and had a wonderful weekend together.

-Pat DeMaria, Director of Care Services

Mom as a Cheerleader 

My mom is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk on the phone at least three times. Throughout the years, she taught me how to be a strong, independent woman. I look to her daily for advice, encouragement, guidance, friendship, and love. My mom is not one to use the words “I love you,” very often, but I have never questioned her love for a second. When we get together, we enjoy relaxing in the sun, spending time with family, and taking trips together. 

-Jill Crompton, Residents Relations Director 

The Magic of Becoming a Mom 

Becoming a mother was always my dream. What I didn’t imagine was just how much meaning it would bring into my life. My children are my greatest blessings, and raising them brings me daily joy. I strive to allow them to be who they are and explore every wonderful thing about themselves. 

This may sound cliche, but my role as a mother has both saved and changed my life. Even at a young age, my boys taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, care, and genuine concern. I am beyond blessed to be a mom, but even more blessed to have them call me mommy!

-Janaya Price, Life Enrichment Director

A Mother’s Intuition 

I remember being in high school, my mother would always say: “Listen to me, I won’t steer you wrong.” This statement would go in one ear and out of the other. One day, after multiple failed relationships, I met a girl, and she decided that it would be great to meet my mother. After saying no a hundred times, I finally gave in. My mother walked into the room, gave the girl a stern stare, then smiled and hugged her. She turned to me and said, “This is your wife.” 

Today the “girl” is my wife, and she and my mother are inseparable. My mother has been steering my life ever since. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife and mom.

-Marquis D. Priester, Environmental Services Director

Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember to take the time to appreciate your mom and all the other mothers in your life. If your mom is no longer with you, we hope you can reflect on the fond memories and special times you shared.

Have a lovely Mother’s Day!