Now that you’ve finally made it to retirement, you’re probably asking the same big question that’s on everyone’s mind: “what am I supposed to do now?” It’s totally normal to feel a little uncertainty as you adjust to retirement. Different challenges and exciting opportunities always accompany each new phase of our lives! If you don’t already have a bucket list to work from, here are ten fresh ideas for retirement activities to keep you booked and busy:

1. For the Learner: Continuing Education

Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of great online courses that you can take through colleges, universities or other educational institutions. Have a subject that you’re passionate about and want to learn more? Do you want to learn a new skill? Is there a degree you’d like to finish? No matter your end goal, there’s a subject out there for you.

2. For the Outdoorsman: Bird Watching

If kayaking or hiking isn’t your scene, it doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Bird watching can be as simple as getting outside, grabbing a guide, investing in binoculars and exploring your own neighborhood.

3. For the Creative: Hands-On Experiences

It’s easy to get stuck behind our screens, but if you prefer to keep your hands busy, there are a lot of different activities worth participating in. From learning a new instrument to taking a pottery class or spending time in a community garden, it’s easy to keep up an active lifestyle.

4. For the Competitor: Online Video Games

Video games aren’t just for the grandkids! Online gaming is the perfect way to kick back and compete as you move through a variety of levels and challenges. You can even turn it into a team activity and connect online with your friends and family.

5. For the Mover: Dance Classes

Who doesn’t love a good dance beat? Dance classes are one of the more fun and active retirement activities, whether you’re single or with a partner. If you like a little music but prefer a calm environment, many dance-related yoga and pilates classes offer a chance to move your body and listen to some mellow beats.

6. For the Socialite: IRL Interest Groups

There’s something special about sharing a hobby with another person who loves it just as much as you. Whatever your favorite activity might be, there are likely groups in your community that meet on a regular basis to discuss or participate in that same interest. If you’re a little worried about showing up to an event for the first time, consider emailing or messaging a group member ahead of time to let them know you’re coming.

7. For the Designer: Interior Decoration

You can become your own HGTV expert in retirement, and with the extra time, you might be able to tackle a couple of DIY projects, too. Your living space should always be a reflection of who you are! Take some time to make your house feel like a home—and decorate it to be as unique as you are!

Check out our blog on downsizing and decorating for more tips! 

8. For the Giver: Community Volunteering

You’d be surprised at how many different types of volunteer assignments exist in your neighborhood—and some of them might match a skill set you already have! Use a volunteer search engine like VolunteerMatch to find the best opportunity for you.

9. For the Fan: Local Sports

Professional sports tickets can get expensive and aren’t always available when you need them. However, if you’re an avid fan, there are probably a couple of minor league teams in your area that could use the support. Put some of your budget and time into visiting a new arena, and you never know…you just might become a lifelong fan!

10. For the Educator: Mentorship

If you’re looking to give time and give back, why not connect with a younger individual on a life path similar to your own? Your career insight, wisdom, and tips just might make the difference for someone else as they start their own journey.

Getting Started with Retirement Activities

If you’re still unsure how to fill your time—it’s okay. Communities like Vineyard Senior Living offer a great foundation for your new phase of life. With plenty of activities, amenities, and events on-site, you might not even have to go very far to find your next adventure!

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