We are looking forward to the Fall weather cooling us down and enjoying more time outdoors.

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Resident Events 

We have lots of engaging events and activities planned for our residents this month. Take a sneak peak below: 

Assisted Living Week

Assisted Living week was September 10-16th! Today’s assisted living communities offer a wide range of services and amenities that can help seniors live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Assisted living communities can help seniors stay socially engaged and physically active. These are two important factors in maintaining good health and well-being as we age.

Assisted living communities can provide a sense of community and belonging. Seniors can make new friends and develop meaningful relationships with other residents and staff members. This can be a valuable source of support and companionship as we age.

Of course, the cost of assisted living can be a concern for some. However, there are many ways to make assisted living more affordable. For example, the sale of a home can generate income, or some qualify for government assistance, such as VA Aid & Attendance.

Overall, assisted living can be a great option for seniors who are looking for a safe, supportive and engaging place to live. If you are considering assisted living, it is important to do your research and visit different communities to find one that is a good fit for you.

Reach out to us at Vineyard Bluffton to learn more about our exciting amenities.

Suicide Awareness/Prevention Month

September is Suicide Awareness and prevention Month. Older adults are especially vulnerable to suicide for a number of reasons. These range from grief over the passing of loved ones to chronic illness.

If someone you know is thinking about suicide, there are simple yet powerful steps you can take, including calling 988, to help save their life.

Find more information and resources at NCOA.org or contact us to learn about our amenities and programs to enrich seniors’ lives and build a community at Vineyard.

Active Aging Week

In honor of Active Aging Week, the week of September 25, we are sharing a glimpse into one of the many senior exercise classes we provide our residents.

Chair exercises are a great way for residents of all physical abilities to participate in moving their body!

Reach out to learn more about our amenities and activity programming at (843) 502-0069.

Alzheimer’s and Sleep

Did you know new research suggests deep sleep may be the best defense against Alzheimer’s?

Shakespeare said slumber was ‘the main course in life’s feast.’ Studies suggest it also protects the brain.

See what Medical News Today has to share


Strawberry Pie Recipe

Here’s your reminder to make strawberry pie before summer is over! Check out our sister property, Vineyard Memory Care & Chef Melanie’s recipe: https://fb.watch/mA_ANMi0Qg/

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