Dining is an enriching, sensory, communal experience. Sitting down to a bounty of fresh, vibrant food can evoke beautiful memories shared with those you love most. Here at Vineyard Senior Living, we understand food’s meaningful role in our residents’ lives, and we’re passionate about the culinary offerings we provide. 

From traditional favorites to epicurean, globally-inspired cuisine, there’s no shortage of options. We also place a high emphasis on nutrition and are intentional about the quality of the food we serve. You’ll find in-season ingredients sourced from local farms and markets at each onsite dining establishment—here’s a “taste” of what to expect:

Seasonal, Nutritious Foods at Vineyard Senior Living

Maintaining a healthy diet full of natural and nutrient-rich whole foods is essential in all stages of life—but it becomes even more crucial as you grow older. At Vineyard Senior Living, our main priority is resident wellness, so when our chefs create a menu, they’re thinking about the flavor profile and ingredient quality. 

The result is a creative array of dishes that feature colorful, in-season produce; sustainable, lean, organic meats; and fresh, bright herbs or spice rubs to make your palate sing. We focus on delivering a culinary experience that doesn’t cut corners.

Flexible Dining Options and Locations

Not only do our meal plans cater to your wellness, but we also consider your schedule. Each of our Vineyard Senior Living properties offer flexible, convenient dining options so that you can nosh wherever (and whenever) you desire. Below is a rundown of the dining selections and locations to choose from:

  • On-Premises Restaurant: All Vineyard properties have an onsite restaurant.. The menu features gourmet entrées crafted by our professional chefs, and the atmosphere lends itself to a leisurely meal with friends or visiting family members. We’ll host socials and community events at the restaurant, so keep an eye on the activities calendar to know what we’re planning.  
  • Concierge Room Service: If you would prefer a quiet, relaxed meal in the comfort of your own space, our in-room concierge service is on the job. We’ll deliver a restaurant-quality dish straight to your door when you want it. This service is a simple way to customize your eating schedule—or to enjoy a casual dinner and movie night to yourself.  

A Sample Menu of Our Daily Meal Offerings

Our chefs love experimenting with exciting texture combinations, unique food pairings, and robust flavors to keep your taste buds wanting more. And though our meals are subject to change, here’s a sample of the cuisine you will find at Vineyard Senior Living:

  • Soup and salad: white bean soup; red pepper gouda soup; broccoli salad
  • Breakfast: made-to-order Belgian waffles with macerated berries and whipped cream
  • Lunch and brunch: eggs benedict with breakfast potatoes; chilaquiles with salsa and guacamole; beef brisket with glazed carrots and potato cakes 
  • Dinner: herb-crusted Pacific cod with orzo pasta and broccoli rabe; General Tso’s chicken with mixed vegetables and steamed rice (a meatless option also available); braised short rib ragu with potato gnocchi 
  • Dessert: chocolate macaroons; grilled apples with whipped cream 

Savor the Culinary Delights at Vineyard Senior Living  

Whether you want a fresh stack of waffles brought to your apartment for breakfast or a restaurant-style dinner with friends, we know you will love the dining experience here at Vineyard Senior Living. With an emphasis on nutritious, delicious meals that are exciting to eat, this is just one of the ways that we help our residents.