Planning your next life adventure can be an exciting experience—but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about senior living communities, you might have run into some common myths along the way.

An active senior living community, like the one you’ll find here at Vineyard, offers a positive, enjoyable, fulfilling experience for each resident. But if you’re still on the fence about whether this is the right move for you, allow us to debunk some common myths to ease your concerns, answer your questions and help with your decision.

Myth #1: Senior living can make it hard to maintain my independence.

“Senior living” is often used interchangeably with “assisted living.” While we do offer hands-on assistance to residents who need a higher level of care, this is not the only option available to you. If you are self-supporting and value your independence, “senior living” provides an opportunity to live in a community where you can maintain your regular routines and activities—surrounded by other like minded seniors and unique amenities.

The good news is, our “Personalized Living” structure allows you to choose which services and amenities work best for you. This approach is an ideal for retirees looking to downsize while still having the freedom to maintain a dynamic, vibrant lifestyle. Then, as your needs shift, you can transition to a more advanced care plan. 

Myth #2: It will be hard to socialize in senior living.

Loneliness is a mental health concern for many senior adults. You might be afraid to lose connections with family or friends when transitioning into a senior living community. Rest assured, however, that this is not the case—not only will loved ones be able to visit, but you can also form meaningful relationships with your fellow residents.

At Vineyard, we are intentional about fostering a community-centric environment. We try to offer a variety of opportunities to connect with your fellow neighbors. Whether this means bonding over a shared interest in the activities room, meeting other residents at a social event, or sharing a meal at one of the restaurants onsite, you won’t feel alone.

Myth #3: Senior living won’t feel like home.

Just like any move, a new house or apartment will always feel different. But suppose you hear “senior living” and picture a hospital-like setting. No wonder you’re reluctant to move in! Fortunately, this is not what it means to be part of an active senior living community. The facilities and amenities are curated to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and right at home. 

You will reside in a beautiful apartment with a private bedroom, en suite bathroom, full-sized kitchen, washer-dryer unit, and intelligent home safety features. You’ll also have access to chef-inspired, café-style dining menus with nutritious and seasonal ingredients. Not to mention, the RENEW Salon & Spa will take your self-care to new levels.

Myth #4: I’ll get bored easily in senior living.

Retirement should be an exciting phase of life—you don’t want boredom to set in, and neither do we. That’s why we place so much emphasis on an active senior living community here at Vineyard. Rather than leave your favorite hobbies or activities behind when you move, we make it both easy and accessible to continue pursuing them.

There’s no shortage of enrichment and entertainment in our community. Are you a fan of reading or watching movies? Check out the library or theater. Do you love to challenge your brain and learn new skills? Attend a workshop on site, join a group exercise class or even volunteer for a local organization with Vineyard Gives.

Myth #5: I cannot afford the cost of senior living.

While you might experience some initial sticker shock at the monthly costs of a senior living community, it’s important to remember the price covers all your everyday living expenses. A quote could include rent, utilities, meals, activities, housekeeping, medical care, and other services. Once you factor in each of those line items, you might just find that senior living is more cost-effective than paying for at-home care. 

At Vineyard, we also customize our pricing based on the specific level of assistance each resident needs. We recommend reaching out to our team to help find the best plan for you and review the associated costs. An active senior living community could be much more affordable than you think. Plus, the convenience and peace of mind are invaluable!

Don’t Let Misconceptions Stop You from Living Your Best Life

Being part of an active senior living community is an experience like no other. You will form strong relationships, enjoy fun activities, and explore new hobbies while maintaining your independence and vibrant quality of life. The decision to move into a senior living community can be challenging, but you’ll discover the comforts of home as you settle in.

Want to see what it’s like in person? Reach out to us to schedule an onsite tour where you can view our community and meet with staff members to learn more about what we offer.