Easy Creative Projects for Seniors with Dementia

Pursuing a creative hobby or learning a new skill activates both the senses and imagination, which can sharpen the mind and slow the decline of brain function, notes Harvard Health. Creativity enhances focus, builds awareness, stimulates curiosity, and promotes belief [...]

March Newsletter

It’s nearly springtime, and just like the fruit on the vine, our Vineyard Bluffton community continues to grow! Read our March Newsletter to learn about our events and updates. Our Tribe will be out and about all around the Lowcountry [...]

Downsizing and Decorating Senior Living Apartments

Moving out of your house—the place you lived for decades, raised a family, and created many memories—to downsize to assisted living can be a bittersweet process. But while it does require some adjustment on the frontend, there is no reason [...]

Why You’ll Love the Simplicity of Assisted Living

People are living longer, more fruitful lives. However, many older adults worry about being a burden on their loved ones in their later years. Fortunately, senior assisted living communities are here to help. New communities, like Vineyard Bluffton, focus on [...]

February Newsletter

Here at Vineyard Bluffton, we have a busy month planned, check out our various events below in our February Newsletter.  We’re in the process of transitioning to our new Information Center, where we will have a permanent on-site office. Don’t [...]

Games To Improve Memory and Concentration

Whether you’re getting up there in years, or you have older loved ones, we’re all eager for ways to stay sharp and focused. Luckily, when it comes to improving your mind’s health, there’s an option that’s both effective and fun—playing [...]

5 Senior Exercise Ideas for the Winter Months

It can be easy to want to be more sedentary and spend more time relaxing during the winter. But staying healthy is something that should be a focus throughout the year, especially for older adults. Thankfully, South Carolina graces us [...]

January Newsletter

2020 is all about new beginnings! Not only have we started a new year and decade, but here at Vineyard Bluffton, we will soon open our Assisted Living and Memory Care community. We’re proud of all the hard work our [...]

10 Gift Ideas for Someone With Dementia

It’s that time of year when we need to buy holiday presents for our family and friends. If you have a loved one with dementia, you might be stuck trying to figure out an appropriate and useful gift they can [...]

December Newsletter

The holidays are in full swing. As we approach the end of the year (and decade!), the Vineyard Bluffton Tribe continues to grow. Our December Newsletter includes exciting community updates, holiday fundraisers, as well as all festive events. We would [...]

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