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National Make a Friend Day – Feb. 11

At Vineyard Johns Creek, we want you to love where you live. That’s why our team strives to cultivate an active life and build a social community. If you are considering moving to senior living, what could be better than sharing where you live with a friend! 

Give us a call at (678) 217-8202 to learn more about our living options and if you need some motivation to get out there, check out our blog post.

National Caregivers Day – Feb. 17 

National Caregivers Day is coming up! 

Did you know? Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. are providing unpaid care to others. That means we all likely know someone who diligently tends to loved ones or someone in need – whether a neighbor caring for a friend, a family member taking care of an elderly parent, or a volunteer helping in respite or hospice care.

Vineyard Johns Creek acknowledges the selflessness of caregivers year round! Check out some caregiving resources we recommend. 

Heart Health Month 

February is Heart Health Month.❤️ A month dedicated to bringing awareness to heart disease and its impact. 

Keeping your heart healthy and strong is crucial as you age. This month Vineyard Johns Creek will be sharing heart health tips to help you improve your health and overall wellness. Check out our social media to follow along! 

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