March is here – can you believe it? 

From March Madness to St. Patrick’s Day, there’s plenty to be excited about this March. Our residents had a fun February, and are delighted to bring that energy into a new month. What are we up to? We’d love to show you – follow along!

Lucky Livin’ at Vineyard – Activities 

Why do we feel lucky livin’ at Vineyard Bluffton?

Our activity schedule keeps our residents engaged every day. All of our activities are informed by the latest research on senior living and happiness, but they also consider our residents’ hobbies, interests, and even current events. Just look at some of the activities our residents have participated in over the past few weeks!

Lucky Livin’ at Vineyard – Community

Lucky Livin at Vineyard

Community is an integral part of why we feel lucky livin’ at Vineyard.

A strong sense of community is an important part of maintaining health and happiness as we age. Our dedicated Tribe is always creating new experiences to engage our residents and build relationships. This is a personalized process – we work with your loved one to find a community that they enjoy. 

But don’t listen to us – let them tell you themselves! Follow along on our social media pages this March as our seniors will tell you why they feel lucky livin’ at Vineyard.

February Happenings

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics  

And we’re off! The Winter Olympics arrived at Vineyard Bluffton in February, and our Memory Care residents competed for bronze, silver and gold in our very first activity – bowling. 🎳 🎳 They had a fantastic week full of activities – take a look at our social media pages for more updates!

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements

At Vineyard Bluffton, we understand that loving where you live is about more than beautiful spaces and great amenities – it’s about enjoying the season you’re in. Our activities are designed to boost our seniors’ spirits, whether it’s a group exercise class or a quiet afternoon arranging fresh flowers.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

You’ve made it to retirement – congratulations! However, you might find yourself thinking ‘what do I do now’? 

If you’ve recently retired and feel like you’re not sure what to do with your time, don’t worry. Our recent blog post is full of ideas:

🌱 Try a class online or at your local university

🌱 Head outside and go bird watching

🌱 Check out local volunteering groups

Take a look at our recent blog post for more inspiration. 

From our Tribe to yours, we wish you a wonderful month.