Our COVID-19 Promise

We promise to provide a safe and pristine community for you and your loved ones, by following the latest COVID-19 HCQC regulations and CDC guidelines on a local, state and federal level. The overall health and safety of those we serve is always our [...]

2020 Holiday Newsletter

Happy holidays to the Henderson and Las Vegas community! Thank you for stopping by to read our 2020 Holiday Newsletter. We know it’s been a challenging and different type of year, so we wanted to spread some holiday cheer. Our [...]

Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Guide to the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Most people look forward to festivities, gift-giving, good food and quality family time. Caregivers might also feel a surge of anxiety. You wonder where you’ll find the time and energy to recreate your family [...]

What Is Art Therapy, and How Does It Help with Dementia?

For those with dementia, finding alternative methods of expression and connection are important in overcoming any potential verbal communication challenges. Art therapy is an inclusive and creative strategy that provides outlets to share one’s emotions, experiences and needs. [...]

10 Ways Mindfulness Helps With Anxiety and Dementia

The practices of mindfulness and meditation are widely utilized by many individuals seeking to reduce symptoms of anxiety in their daily routines. For those diagnosed with dementia and their network of caregivers, this same practice can have many positive benefits. [...]

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