October Newsletter

The evenings are getting cooler and fall is upon us! We’re very excited about all the fun events coming up this month. In the October Newsletter, we’re covering updates on our office and community, contests, as well as some recognition [...]

September Newsletter

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out our September Newsletter! We have been busy bees at the Vineyard office. We’re cooking up lots of fun events and activities for this month that we can’t wait [...]

What is Sundowning? (Plus 10 Tips for Coping)

What is Sundowning? Sundowning, or sundowners syndrome, is a common symptom of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The syndrome is not a disease in itself, but rather a pattern of behavior that occurs at a specific time of day. [...]

August Newsletter

We’re switching focuses with our Vineyard Henderson newsletters! For our August newsletter, in addition to providing a round-up of the previous month and our partnerships, we’re also highlighting upcoming events. With our property opening date right around the corner, we [...]

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout: When to Ask for Help

With approximately 43.5 million people providing unpaid care in the last 12 months, caregiver burnout is becoming a more common occurrence. Taking care of a loved one can be a time-consuming experience with little to no downtime. This tends to [...]

June Newsletter

As summer flies by, our tribe is busy out in the community of Henderson, welcoming local residents into our leasing office, and spreading the word about the Vineyard way of life. This past month has been fun and exciting, and [...]

The Connection Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s

An interview with neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi gained attention in recent months. The interview causes concern for middle-aged women because it links menopause to Alzheimer’s disease. Mosconi highlights that medical research for women often focuses on reproductive health and breast [...]

May Newsletter

Stay current on all the happenings at Vineyard Henderson, as well as updates on property site. In this May Newsletter, we're also highlighting all the unique ways we plan to help the community of Henderson. Community Involvement Aquatics at REVEL: [...]

9 Engaging and Safe Summer Activities for Seniors

The summer season often brings lots of sunshine, but it can also bring dangerously high temperatures and extreme weather. Older adults are more prone to heat stress, so they should be exceedingly careful with activities in the heat.This summer, find [...]

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