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10 Essential Tax Season Tips for Seniors

Many seniors have a financial plan in place for retirement, but even during this time of relaxation, you still have to worry about taxes. Taxes can be a complicated or confusing part of retirement planning, but that doesn’t mean [...]

What Type of Care is Respite Care, Exactly?

If you’re a caregiver or have a loved one who requires care, you may have heard the term respite care. However, you might be wondering, “What type of care is respite care, exactly?” Respite care is short-term care that provides [...]

5 Reasons to Use Coloring Books for Seniors

An internet search on adult coloring yields an abundance of articles. Many of them are from clinicians and care facilities that treat older adults living with Alzheimer’s or memory loss. The use of coloring books for seniors is relaxing and [...]

8 Ways for Seniors to Get Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep can dramatically affect our mental and physical health. For seniors, it can be difficult to get a full eight hours rest amid prescriptions, medical conditions, or even new environments. In the pursuit of senior health and [...]

Pursuing Your Passions as an Older Adult

It’s no secret that pursuing your passions—no matter what stage of life you’re in—can provide countless advantages. Benefits range from feeling a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction in your life, to reducing stress and even improving overall well-being. As [...]

The Connection Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s

An interview with neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi gained attention in recent months. The interview causes concern for middle-aged women because it links menopause to Alzheimer’s disease. Mosconi highlights that medical research for women often focuses on reproductive health and breast [...]

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