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How do I find senior living options for my parents?

If you’re in the process of searching for senior living options—whether for your parents or another loved one—you know that there are a lot of available choices. Depending on the specific needs of the individual, you may look for communities [...]

Nutrition for Seniors: Improve Your Diet

In connection with National Nutrition Month, it’s time we talk about the best nutrition tips for seniors. Food is not only the fuel that keeps us healthy but can bring those we love to the table or remind us of [...]

March 2021 Newsletter

March Events  This March we’re partnering with several organizations to offer our audience insightful and valuable webinars. We have a brief list below, for even more details head over to our Events Page. Also, note that at each webinar this [...]

Winter 2021 Newsletter

Happy 2021! It’s a New Year with exciting prospects on the horizon. In our Winter 2021 Newsletter, we’re sharing updates for Johns Creek community members, upcoming events, as well as resources for those with older loved ones.  […]

8 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues for Seniors

For seniors facing this particularly unique season, the winter doldrums may seem inevitable. Although the pandemic is still present, days are shorter and temperatures are cooler, there are still proven ways to combat seasonal melancholy. Whether it’s for you or [...]

6 Tips for Better Dementia Communication

If you have a loved one diagnosed with dementia, one of the first troubling symptoms you may notice is a change in communication. Dementia communication shifts can vary from your loved one searching for the correct word to not comprehending [...]

Holiday Newsletter

Happy holiday season!  Despite the difficulties that 2020 brought, our Tribe at Vineyard Johns Creek has continued to grow and thrive this past year. We’re very excited to serve the families of our community and to welcome our future residents! [...]

Caregiver Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

For caregivers, the holiday season can be a wonderful time of year to participate in carols, cookie baking or decorations. Amid all of this excitement, anxieties and stressors of the day-to-day provider responsibilities remain and sometimes become heightened amid new [...]

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